Top 10 Benefits of the IOSH Managing Safely Course

  1. The IOSH Managing Safely course is also an ideal foundation for further study for those who are looking to pursue a career in the health and safety sector. It will even open opportunities to gain qualifications from the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH).
  2. The IOSH Managing Safely Course allows productivity to be maximised through reducing the disruption caused by accidents and sickness. This is because, managers and team leaders have learnt the best ways to anticipate and therefore reduce health, safety and wellbeing risks and hazards. It ensures the wellbeing of workers and managers alike.
  3. Managers and team leaders will have a complete understanding of their responsibilities and accountabilities for health and safety in the workplace. They will be able to identify common workplace hazards, evaluate the situation and reduce the risk by applying risk control methodology.
  4. The IOSH Managing Safely Course helps managers and supervisors thoroughly understand and apply HSE legislation within the workplace. This allows you to rest easy, knowing that your managers are operating and complying completely with UK health and safety law.
  5. The IOSH Managing Safely course can be completed in as little as three days, depending on what type of learning method you choose. For example, if you choose an in-house, a classroom, or a bespoke IOSH Managing Safely training course with Pro Safety Management, it will take a minimum of three days, depending on the number of course delegates.
  6. The IOSH Managing Safely course helps you to serve the community better; when an incident occurs in a commercial or business space, there will be a direct impact on the safety of its patrons and the surrounding area. By keeping your managers and team leaders diligent, safe and responsible, you’re extending that service to the community that keeps your business booming.
  7. The IOSH Managing Safely Course ensures you have a clear track record of responsible management that, in the long-run, earns its own credibility within your industry. By sharpening your managing safely skills, it ensures that your business maintains its excellent reputation and therefore continues to create good business for you, your colleagues and the community alike.
  8. When you take any IOSH course, the qualification at the end of the training never expires! It’s a massive benefit that IOSH qualifications never expire, meaning that employers don’t need to rebook their employees onto a new course every year, reducing a significant amount of stress among employers. Although this does not mean that you should never do another IOSH course ever again. Brushing up on your management responsibilities and the newest HSE legislation ensures that you are consistently performing at the highest level of health and safety excellence.
  9. IOSH qualifications are recognised internationally, in all member countries! This brings immense benefits to both you if your work takes you overseas, and the company when carrying out business across the world. With over 47,000 individuals in around 130 countries (e.g. Caribbean, Ireland, Isle of Man, Oman, Qatar, Gibraltar, Singapore, UAE and the UK), IOSH is the largest health and safety membership organisation in the world and getting an IOSH qualification receives world-wide recognition.
  10. The IOSH Managing Safely course will also save money in the long-term by reducing expensive accidents. By reducing the amount paid out in sick-pay and the eliminating the cost of fixing the incident, you and the company are making more money, because your managers are fully equipped to deal with all health and safety incidents and procedures.

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Comments (2)

    May 13, 2020

    I’ve recently completed iosh managing safely course and would like to apply for a cscs card.
    What level of card can I now apply for?

    • Alex Burbidge
      May 13, 2020

      Hi Kev,

      I don’t believe IOSH and CSCS are linked.

      Basically CSCS is a CTIB qualification and gives you access to construction sites as a minimum H&S passport.

      Managing Safely is really a general qualification for all industries. See it as your first step towards moving onto a level 3 qualification like the IOSH cert or NEBOSH cert.

      So CSCS cards are more based on your trade, experience and construction qualifications. I would pick the cards based on this rather than your IOSH award.

      Heres the link which I’m sure you already have. Hope that helps.


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