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Health and safety training isn’t just about ticking boxes, but it is a way in which you can learn invaluable skills that will help you throughout your career. Just like our IOSH Managing Safely course, which has multiple benefits for both you and your company.

As well as learning the top 10 benefits of an IOSH Managing Safely course, you will also learn the exclusive benefits that we offer at Pro Safety Management for trainees and members.

Everything you need, or could ever possibly want, to know about the IOSH Managing Safely training course.

What is an IOSH Managing Safely Course?

IOSH, or, the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety are a globally respected chartered body that value the highest workplace standards of health and safety above all.

In essence, an IOSH Managing Safely course covers, in detail, the core responsibilities of anyone tasked with managing workplace health and safety and provides an understanding of the practical solutions required for a productive and safe workforce. This course is designed for any individual, in any organisation or sector, with organisational responsibilities for managing health and safety risks, resources and workplace procedures.

Those responsibilities are covered in seven distinct units of study:

Unit 1: Introducing Managing Safely

  • What is meant by ‘health and safety’? What are responsibilities and accountabilities as a manager?

Unit 2: Assessing Risks

  • What is the correct risk assessment process? What is sensible risk management?

Unit 3: Controlling Risks

  • What is the legal framework for risk management, and what are the required levels of control? What are Safe Systems of Work (SSW)?

Unit 4: Understanding Responsibilities

  • What are the laws behind health and safety in the workplace? Who enforces health and safety? What is the ‘plan, do, check, act’ methodology?

Unit 5: Understanding Hazards

  • What are the most common hazards in the workplace (including electricity, slips, trips and falls, working at height)? How are aggression, bullying and violence hazards within the workplace?

Unit 6: Investigating Incidents and Accidents

  • What is the difference between an accident and a near miss? How do I respond to an accident in progress? What is the correct accident investigation process?

Unit 7: Measuring Performance

  • What is active and reactive health and safety monitoring? What is health and safety auditing?

On an IOSH Managing Safely course with Pro Safety Management, delegates will receive full course tuition, course materials, assessments, certification, and the choice of venue (either ‘in-house’ on your premises or in a ‘classroom’). If you are completing a classroom course with Pro Safety Management, then lunch and refreshments will be provided over the course of the training.

After the training is completed, Pro Safety Management course delegates gain exclusive access to our Facebook group where you can meet and network with other like-minded, health and safety smart people. Moreover, with a subscription to Pro Safety Management, you get discounts off all of our courses, plus additional services to help you impove your companies Health and Safety .

This course is pragmatic and has a sharp business focus. It is held in high opinion by many delegates of the course and it usually delivered over the course of 3 days.

All employees have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment, where risks to your health and safety are kept to the absolute minimum. The best way to ensure this within your workplace is to make managers and team leaders aware of their responsibilities.

Who are IOSH? – IOSH, or the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, was formed in 1945, and ‘has become leader of a profession that has transformed the world of work, making it a safer, healthier place to be. It is a status identified by business and why Chartered Membership of IOSH is recognised worldwide as the hallmark of professional excellence in workplace safety and health.’ – IOSH, About Us.

Is IOSH a legal requirement? – Technically, no. IOSH in itself is not a legal requirement. Although, legal requirements under HSE legislation heavily points employers towards signing employees up for an IOSH course. So IOSH is not a legal requirement, but sufficient health and safety training is.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, employers are legally bound to make sure their employees have the right information, instruction, training, and supervision to keep them safe at work. IOSH courses are created and regularly adapted by the world’s leading health and safety organisation, meaning your course is always current and compliant with the latest health and safety legislation.

That’s Everything you need to Know about IOSH Managing safely. This course is one of the best ways to improve the Health and Safety in your business so why not train your staff now. Our IOSH Managing Safely course is always around the corner or why not bring it to you with one of our In-House Courses.

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