Giving you peace of mind that your mobile infrastructure rollout is safe and compliant.


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Ensuring your network infrastructure rollout is safe and compliant

We have the experience of working in fast paced uncertain and complex environments. Serving some of the global leading telecommunication companies, we provide specialist and strategic health and safety management ensuring operational standards at the highest level.

Pro Safety Management prides themselves in providing a conscientious, skilled, experienced and specialist driven service to the telecoms industry.

our understanding

Global Reach with Local Understanding


Helping the client establish and achieve their visions around health and safety management. Setting up Construction Design Management regulations objectives and project goals. Assessing the competency of the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor. Supporting the identification of pre construction information and project risks. Creating a framework & blueprint to deliver an efficient risk management solution. 


We train your project management teams and consult with your stakeholders including local and regional government departments representing your brand in a professional and trusted manner. Checking and auditing the quality and safety of network build activities to maintain high standards. 

Operate & Maintain

We ensure network infrastructure is handed over in an efficient manner where maintainability is prioritised. Our focus is safety of the teams who provide network infrastructure and reliability of managing networks to the highest standard. The integrity and safety of network infrastructure is our utmost importance to keep your customers connected.

our expertise

Health & Safety Governance Consultancy
Network Infrastructure

Our specialist consultancy solutions are designed to help clients comply with health and safety legislation. We tailor our services to suit your individual needs, as and when you need it. This flexible approach offers your business a cost-effective way to receive professional advice.

Health and Safety Framework

Establish and deliver an agile health and safety strategy to support the delivery of your network infrastructure goals and legal obligations.

Health and Safety Management Training

Developing senior management to help them understand their accountabilities for the decisions they make and how to integrate health and safety into their network strategy.

Health and Safety Auditing (Remote)

Providing global real-time auditing capability to check standards are maintained within a collaborative environment for field engineers and suppliers.

Health and Safety Auditing (Local)

In-person approach to auditing with a deep and broad understanding of your business, the infrastructure in which you operate, and the latest regulatory standards, helping you deliver value confidently through transparency of your reporting to stakeholders.

Construction Phase Plan & Design Reviews

Supporting the client in the design of mobile telecom sites to ensure high standards of safety and report back on issues. We provide clients with independent assessments of contractor CPP to ensure safe planning and management reviews of the health and safety risks and arrangements that are specific to the project.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Transform your health and safety culture through data-driven decision making. We monitor progress of Key Performance Indicators based on the clients targets and objectives providing insight into growing trends and risks.

our approach

How We Operate

We encourage a common-sense and practical approach to managing health and safety. It should be part of the everyday process of running an organisation and an integral part of workplace behaviours and attitudes.



We will firstly identify where you currently are in terms of your health and safety, where you want to be and how to get there along with considering whether your policies cover the whole of your business activities.



We will identify what the main potential hazards are in your workplace. Identify who would most likely be affected by these hazards. Rank them in order of how big the risk is and what the priorities are. This will allow you to put suitable control measures in place to limit the risk.



We will ensure that your health and safety policy performance is monitored. It is important to continually monitor performance so any improvements can be implemented.



We will look at whether the policies and procedures are being properly followed and have been embedded into your organisation’s culture.

our benefits

Benefits of H&S Governance Consultancy

Implements High Standards

Improve standards and help scale your business by utilising repeatable frameworks and demonstrating your commitment to health and safety

Maximises Safety Performance

You will receive systems and processes that go beyond compliance and drive continuous improvement

Provides Agile Solutions

Agile consultancy support across all aspects of health and safety to suit your individual requirements

Health and Safety Consultancy Services

Get better compliance whilst wasting less time with a free and confidential health and safety consultation.


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