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driven by a firm set of beliefs and values

Our Team

Pro Safety Management is driven by a firm set of beliefs and values. Find out more about the leaders who are dedicated in achieving more for our clients.

Alex Burbidge
CEO & managing director
Dean Boddy
Operations Manager
John Burbidge
Head of Customer Success
Will Bryan
senior health and safety consultant
Darren Ackroyd
senior health and safety consultant
Jason Ellery
associate design consultant
Jonny Sanderson
marketing and design executive
Vanessa Quarmby
associate consultant dietitian
Andrew Broderick
associate h&s Sustainability consultant
Paul Walker
associate asbestos consultant
Neil Partington
associate structural engineer
our focus & strengths

Entrust Your Project to Our Specialists

In healthy companies, changing directions or launching new projects means combining underlying strengths and capacities with new.

construction design management regulations
mobile telecoms & networks infrastructure
auditing and consultation

We Understand The Faith And Trust Our Clients Place In Us

We pride ourselves on being able to provide businesses with the power to make informed smart decisions, providing them with the knowledge on how to streamline their telecoms systems. Read how we’ve helped businesses like yours succeed in the Health & Safety environment.

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