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Become Influential With This 21 Day H&S Blueprint

Become Influential With This FREE 21 Day Health and Safety Blueprint I want to help every single health and safety professional become confident, credible, and influential. Over my career I have had some great mentors that have helped me understand the issues that I have had and how to resolve them. I want to pass […]

7 Hazard Elimination Examples

As someone who is responsible for health and safety in your workplace, you want to do whatever you can to reduce the risk of harm to yourself, and those you work with. That means eliminating hazards where possible. You are in the best position to work out what ‘eliminating hazards’ means to your business. The […]

What is a Hazard?

As you get started with risk assessment, you’re going to come across the term ‘hazard’ quite a lot. But what is a hazard, and how might it worry you? The HSE defines a hazard as “anything that may cause harm,” while IOSH and the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) refer to “something […]

Working at Height Risk Assessment

We all know that prevention is far better than cure, and some of the most common risks you can avoid are the ones that occur when working at height. These can be some of the most dangerous, but also preventable, risks.  If you’re responsible for health and safety in your workplace, this is one of […]


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