7 Reasons why Health and Safety Training is important.

No matter how small or large a company is, workers in all fields of industry face workplace dangers that can threaten their health and safety. Health and Safety Training can be massively beneficial to companies and employees but how? Through our research we have found these reasons from people just like you.

 1. To abide by the law

This is probably the most obvious point, however it’s necessary. In 1974 the Health and Safety at work act was brought it that makes sure that business’ take steps to ensure the safety of its staff. Check out article 2.2c in the link below. Having an IOSH, NEBOSH or other certified manager or team can mean the difference between having a safe workplace and not.


2. Helps promote proactive thinking

Proactive thinking is the school of thought that aims to prevent incidents from happening compared to reactive thinking which aims to avoid the problem after an incident. Did you know that there were over 3.9 Million days lost due to non-fatal injuries in 2017/18. All the stats are from the link below


These injuries could have been caused by something as simple as a wet floor. With proper proactive training, the wet floor sign might have been put out before someone slipped, thus preventing the incident in the first place. Proactive activities – like training – are increasingly being seen as the best way to keep all stakeholders safe, healthy and productive


3. Helps develop safe habits

By training your staff it helps to provide good habits in Health and Safety. It is very easy for bad health and safety habits to spread, especially if you’re a growing business. Your experienced workers will be training the young new employees and if they aren’t trained in health and safety they may teach those new employees an unsafe habit they have developed. By providing the experienced employees with training they will pass on that knowledge instead.

4. Change management

No workplace is, nor can ever be 100% safe. But by providing training to your staff, even if circumstances change, they will be able to independently identify risks and take measures to ensure their safety.  It will mean that when things change in the office instead of needing a whole re-write of your Health and Safety Procedures, your own staff will be able to change the parts that need changing easily

5. Increases efficiency

With today’s fast paced working environment, many people can make the mistake of believing Health and Safety has to be this time consuming and tedious effort. However, with training there are many ways health and safety can have a positive effect on a business’ efficiency and productivity.

Instead of needing a re-write of health and safety procedures by a health and safety advisor or consultant like us, you can have your own staff, who are experiencing the risks do it themselves as they move through the job. They can be trained in the concise language and distinct step by step structure ensuring the writing is up to standard.

6. Reduces costs across the board

This multi-talented staff can also be saving you costs long term. Just Imagine, instead of paying a consultant to come into the business, assess, write a report and re-write your procedures for a minimal £2000 a time you can have your IOSH or NEBOSH certified staff do it for you.

To get a whole team of twelve trained it may cost you a slight bit more but after 2 years when you need the Health and Safety reviewing again, all of a sudden you’re saving money rather than spending it.

7. Hiring made easy

Picture this, you’re advertising a position and wanting to get competent and enthusiastic people to apply. If you advertise that you as a business will give them the training to be Health and Safety qualified in the first 3 months of them being in the Job, immediately you will be attracting a person who is enthused by the idea of gaining a qualification, and one that is more likely to work harder as they won’t just be gaining money from you but also an invaluable skillset.

So that was our 7 reasons why Health and Safety Training is important. If you want to see what training we offer, then check out our acredited training courses.

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