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telecoms construction design management regulations 2015

Construction Design Management Regulations (CDM) for Telecoms Project Managers E-Learning Course

Clients and duty holders under CDM must ensure that their projects are executed safely and efficiently, reducing the potential for harm to workers and other stakeholders.

construction design management regulations for telecoms

Course Summary

The CDM for Telecoms Professionals course has been designed to quickly and confidently increase your CDM Regs knowledge in the shortest possible time. Comprising of 3 fact filled modules, it easily and progressively builds your knowledge and understanding allowing you to face problems and situations as and when they appear.

The CDM course is also designed as a fast reference point, to quickly and easily find the information you need.

What are the benefits?


Our Construction Design Management course for Telecoms is CPD accredited, which means that it has been independently assessed and meets the highest standards of professional development.

When you complete our CPD accredited course, you can be confident that you have gained valuable and relevant skills and knowledge, and that you are making a meaningful contribution to your ongoing professional development. Plus, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that demonstrates your commitment to professional development and sets you apart from your peers in the telecoms industry.

How is it delivered?

Our e-learning course on CDM for Telecoms Project Managers is delivered entirely online, making it convenient and accessible for learners. The course is hosted on a learning management system (LMS) that learners can access from anywhere with an internet connection. The course includes multimedia elements such as videos, interactive quizzes, and animations to engage learners and help them retain information. Learners can also participate in collaborative learning through our online forums, discussion boards and bi-weekly calls.

Key Learning Objectives

The CDM for Telecoms Course Outcomes

Over 30+ Handouts Included

We contacted and interviewed many professionals in the telecoms industry which revealed the number one problem we all face is delays. Delays caused by operative made mistakes and also by us not having essential early planning check lists in place.

We’ve therefore incorporated a full complement of early planning checklists to help prevent these issues happening in the first place. Planning lists that will be of great help when raising awareness, prioritisation and surveying sites. They will also signal when there is a the need to bring in competent professionals early in the planning process. These checklists will make life far easier from day one.

Course content

module one

CDM & Telecoms

  1. Welcome to CDM for Telecoms
  2. Biggest Risk Areas in Telecoms
  3. Introduction to Risk Assessment
  4. H&S Laws and How CDM Applies
  5. Plan your Telecoms Project to Comply with CDM
module two

CDM Duty Holders

  1. Basic elements of CDM Regulations
  2. CDM timeline for telecoms
  3. Duty holders’ responsibilities
  4. Client role
    1. Notifiable projects
    2. Planning
  5. Principal Designer
    1. Coordination of designers
  6. Principal Contractor
  7. Designer
  8. Contractor
  9. Worker
module three

Clients Role in Detail

  1. Identifying the CDM telecoms client
  2. Pre-qualification questionnaire
  3. The client brief
  4. Integrating CDM with your build process
  5. Acceptance of construction phase plan
  6. Monitoring standards
  7. Health and Safety file
  8. Summary
  9. End assessment
  10. Certification


CDM for Telecoms professionals

What's Included In The Course

30+ CDM Framework Tools

Equips you with the tools to excel in the field by providing over 30+ templates, guidance documents, checklists, and flowcharts.

Virtual Tutor

Led by an expert tutor with over 20+ years experience in CDM across the telecoms and construction industry.

CDM Community

Network with peers and experts in the field, exchange ideas, and engage in group discussions on relevant topics.

12 Months Access

Flexibility to learn at their own pace, revisit material as needed, and continue to develop your knowledge.

Access Virtually Anywhere

With an internet connection, you can participate in the course from the comfort of your own home, from the office, or while traveling


Upon course completion receive a certificate that demonstrates your competence in the field valid for three years.

Limited Offer Available

The CDM Professionals course comes with a full 90 days, no questions asked guarantee. If for any reason, its not for you, simply tell us and we will immediately refund your full investment.

CDM Professional



  • CDM for Telecoms Course
  • 30+ CDM Framework Tools
  • Virtual Tutor
  • CDM Professionals Community
  • Recordings & FAQs
  • Access Virtually Anywhere
  • Certificate of Completion

Custom Quote

  • Bespoke CDM for Telecoms Course
  • 30+ CDM Framework Tools
  • Virtual Tutor
  • CDM Professionals Community
  • Recordings & FAQs
  • Access Virtually Anywhere
  • Certificate of Completion
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