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BAI Communications


Smart City / Telecommunications

01. Services Delivered

Smart City of Sunderland

BAI Communications have a wealth of experience in designing, building and operating complex communications networks, and apply this daily to help our customers to enhance their user experiences and realise their connectivity visions.

Sunderland, United Kingdom, is set to have the next generation of Smart Cities with 5G mobile infrastructure, putting it on track to become one of the UK’s most advanced smart cities. Implementing its advanced smart city plan allows the City to be at the forefront of innovation and achieve true global competitiveness. More incredible high speed 5G mobile connectivity offers much faster response times across the network. It enables Sunderland to deliver transformative digital services for communities and sectors across the City at a much greater scale.

the project

Pioneering The Future and Safety of Advanced Connectivity

The vision was very clear from the start. BAI wanted to create a repeatable Smart City blueprint that brings an agile and dynamic way of designing and deploying network infrastructure while delivering high standards of health and safety. They also wanted to ensure that they foster long-term relationships with civic leaders and suppliers who bring innovative solutions.

Smart city deployments’ health and safety challenges require a strong handle on bringing civic and existing technology service providers together to agree on one set of standards. Standards which are repeatable and easy to remember and communicate when speaking to a member of the public or civic leaders.

Pro Safety Management delivered a managed service to BAI Senior management team in delivering their vision. This included building and operating the following framework:

H&S Strategic Development and Engagement

Advised the project Senior Leadership Team in setting H&S goals and objectives, including standards and partner expectations
Preparation and delivery of a bespoke H&S Strategy and Charter focused on fostering trusted relationships
Engaging and briefing civic and build partners on H&S standards
Advising on Construction Design Management compliance

Risk Management and Operating Standards

Evaluate and risk assess the top 10 project HSE risks
H&S project arrangement and procedures
Standardisation of Key H&S templates, procedures and documents
Defining robust supplier H&S contracts and clauses
Accident and incident reporting processes
Support in delivering social value commitments made to civic partners on green energy and offsetting
Design and Construction Phase plan reviews
Reviewing HSE file submissions

Communication and Coordination

Routine consultation with local civic departments
Managing supplier H&S performance meetings
Setting senior management HSE forum and supplier performance meeting
Ongoing communication and training of Construction Design Management procedures to build partners
Development of public safety statements on mobile technology


Establishing external audit and inspection sampling rates
Establish procedures and tech platforms for tracking HSE performances, including action closure rates
Set up technology platforms/ apps to digitise compliance checks
our understanding

High Performance Health and Safety Blueprint


Helping the client establish and achieve their visions around health and safety management. Setting up Construction Design Management regulations objectives and project goals. Assessing the competency of the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor. Supporting the identification of pre construction information and project risks. Creating a framework & blueprint to deliver an efficient risk management solution. 


We train your project management teams and consult with your stakeholders including local and regional government departments representing your brand in a professional and trusted manner. Checking and auditing the quality and safety of network build activities to maintain high standards. 

Operate & Maintain

We ensure network infrastructure is handed over in an efficient manner where maintainability is prioritised. Our focus is safety of the teams who provide network infrastructure and reliability of managing networks to the highest standard. The integrity and safety of network infrastructure is our utmost importance to keep your customers connected.


Forging a New Direction To Live, Work and Thrive

We have a strong strategic partnership with BAI Communications to ensure the integrity and safety of their network infrastructure maintained to keep their customers connected. If you’d like to talk about delivering a mobile telecommunications project working in fast paced uncertain and complex environments, please get in touch. We provide specialist and strategic health and safety management ensuring operational standards at the highest level.