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Smart Cities: 3 Solutions To Transform Your H&S Strategy

The smart city will be among the most important developments of this century, with the associated market projected to reach US$2.5 trillion by 2026. However, the implementation of smart city infrastructure (SCI) imposes a range of unique H&S and related challenges.

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How can we transform your H&S Strategy?

The crucial innovation Pro Safety Management offers is the formulation of a Health and Safety Strategy that aligns with your overall smart city business vision. The bespoke H&S Strategy we create comprises a H&S Model, a Roadmap and a H&S Charter.


What's included in the whitepaper?

This whitepaper details the opportunities and risks smart cities present, and the solutions Pro Safety Management can provide. The whitepaper comprises three sections:

1) opportunities; 2) risks (both i) infrastructural and ii) institutional); and 3) the solutions Pro Safety Management can provide, with a focus on the Health and Safety Strategy and Charter we develop for every implementation, and the areas it covers including a schematic overview of a blueprint we can provide for your operations in this area.

Pro Safety Management can ensure that, in your operations in the SCI context, your operations run smoothly and safely, and that your organisation succeeds.

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