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Remote Health and Safety Auditing - Getting the most out of every interaction


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The Challenge

When an international business secured its most significant telecommunications contract in the UK utilities sector, it needed to transform its existing health and safety model.

The COO faced a challenge, firstly to deliver the rapid rollout of 8,000 radio upgrades within a limited timeframe. Secondly, to ensure his new operating business focused on efficiency, quality and safety.

Pro Safety Management was approached based on a history of health and safety leadership in the telecommunications sector and expertise in driving high standards using innovative remote auditing technology.

the project

Client Objectives

Key Benefits

25% more audits complete with no extra cost
Average saving of up to 12 t of CO2 for every 5000 remote audits
Management: 30% less time resolving non-conformances
Engineers: Prefer remote auditing rather than accommodating face to face audits
our solution

Remote Auditing - Getting the most out of every interaction

Our approach was to increase the move towards digitalisation utilising the efficiency of remote support and its ability to scale.

We introduced innovative tools using insurance industry-approved technology that remotely captured site conditions and practices by video and images. It works through app technology, where engineers allow access to their mobile phones.

Remote auditors then coach them through the audit process, advising them on improvement opportunities and recognising best practices. The remote auditor can complete the audit report in real-time and issue the report within 10mins from the end of live streaming. Management is notified of the results and can remotely join the audit from their current location to coach engineers if they require assistance.     

Benefits of Remote Auditing

Looking carefully at this business model change, we observed the following benefits:

Is Remote Auditing For You?

One of the main drawbacks is the difficulty of building relationships and empathy from afar through the limitations of digital platforms. Sometimes, auditors are treated as outsiders and that can only be overcome by building real relationships and trust throughout the organisation.

Another clear benefit of being on-site with auditees is having heightened senses. Sometimes people say all the right words, but their body language and demeanour can give away that not everything is as it seems. While these factors are not impossible to catch via remotely, they are identified more easily in person.

Removing the time and cost of travelling to the site creates opportunities for auditors to add value through coaching auditees and being targeted with their assessments. It also reduces the cost of aborted audits due to operational demands and carbon emissions created from transportation.


It's About Balance

With the right strategies and processes, remote auditing can be a worthy addition to your auditing ecosystem. If you want to scale and develop a robust approach to deliver high health and safety standards efficiently, remote auditing is the best way to underpin your network rollout.

We recommend you have a mix of face to face and remote audits. If the activities or environment highlights significant risks then increase your face to face audits until you feel the risk is well managed. Overall, you should never fullly supplement remote audits for the more indepth face to face assessment.

Transform Your Health and Safety

Pro Safety Management’s track record has enabled us to develop and optimise processes to ensure efficiency in this dynamic context. If you’re planning a fast-paced network rollout, contact us to discuss what we can do for you.