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02. Powering up safety for EMR Integrated Solutions

EMR Integrated Solutions provide communications, SCADA and instrumentation solutions for businesses in the UK and Europe. Their teams operate in a variety of retail, hospitality, utility, telecoms, and public safety work environments and know the safety of their teams is paramount.

When working for a large power company in the UK, EMR knew they needed to invest in a UK based Construction Design Management framework and training plan to ensure that high standards were adopted and maintained across the project, which involved the rapid rollout of 8,000 radio upgrades.

Chief Operations Office Derek Glynn contacted Pro Safety Management for support with the project. Working together, we created practical processes and strategies that supported project compliance and upheld EMR’s high customer standards levels. We brought together newly appointed engineers to assess on-site construction risks before the main rollout. This also involved working with EMR suppliers to help them upgrade their training and procedures to meet the project goals.

Following the success of this project, Pro Safety Management now operate as an external Health and Safety Department for EMR in the UK. We support project management and the creation of health and safety policies and processes across the company. As well as offering custom training courses for employees, we also conduct audits at sites across the UK and advise on actions to implement further safety procedures.

We have a real partnership with EMR Integrated Solutions to ensure they have all the skills and resources they need to confidently meet and exceed national health and safety standards. If you’d like to talk about delivering a fast paced project which delivers high standards of safety , please get in touch.