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Health & Safety Directors Checklist

Leading with Safety: 9 Essential Steps for Directors to ensure that Health & Safety is routinely planned, delivered, checked, and acted upon.

What is the Health & Safety Directors Checklist?

In the demanding world of telecoms, ensuring the health and safety of all stakeholders is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly.

As a Health & Safety Director, you are at the forefront of this crucial role.

But with so many responsibilities on your plate, it’s easy to overlook key actions that can make a significant difference.

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive checklist that ensures:

Why download the checklist?

If you’re a CEO, MD, COO, CTO, or any Director in the telecoms sector, this checklist is crucial for you.

Imagine waking up and having to deal with a major health & safety incident.

And that incident was a result of someone in your business disgregarding the law.

Or risks were taken even though people knew that it would lead to putting the business at risk.

For example, a director in a telecoms business just like yours turning over between £10-50 million could see their business fined upwards of £2.4 million.

Or worse, as an individual, face custodial sentences because of willful blindness to bad practices.

The majority of telecoms businesses must control the risk of injuring members of the public and their engineers carrying out specialist work above and below ground.

Download this checklist now if you’re a director and are worried you don’t fully understand your risk exposure.

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