Classroom IOSH Managing Safely Course

Prepare and gain a IOSH certification for Managing Safely. Learn the skills and tools to champion the health and safety standards in your workplace.

Course Duration

3 days

Course Type

Classroom Based


IOSH certification



Pro Safety Management is an official, accredited training provider of the IOSH Managing Safely course. IOSH is a globally respected chartered body that champions the highest workplace standards of health and safety.

You can be assured that our trainers don’t just teach. We offer examples, case studies and lots of first hand practical examples to help you understand the principals behind the legislation.

IOSH Managing Safely Course Details

Course Programme & Duration

The IOSH Managing Safely course takes three full days to complete and covers, in detail, the core responsibilities of anyone tasked with managing workplace health and safety.

Those responsibilities are covered in seven distinct units of study:

  • Unit 1: Introducing managing safely

  • Unit 2: Assessing risks

  • Unit 3: Controlling risks

  • Unit 4: Understanding responsibilities

  • Unit 5: Understanding hazards

  • Unit 6: Investigating incidents

  • Unit 7: Measuring Performance

To help prepare candidates for end-of-course examinations, daily interactive homework assignments and quizzes will also be set by the tutor.


In order to successfully complete the course and gain IOSH certification, delegates must complete a 45-minute examination to assess their learning and carry out a practical assessment to demonstrate the application of knowledge gained.

Become IOSH Managing Safely Certified – Classroom Training

Our 2019 training programme delivers 3 day training courses which includes full course tuition, course materials, assessment and certification. Lunch and refreshments are available each day.

Develop skills to champion health and safety standards by attending Septembers IOSH certification for Managing Safely.

Learn skills and tools to champion health and safety standards by attending our IOSH certification for Managing Safely in November.

Learn skills to champion health and safety standards in your workplace with December's IOSH certification for Managing Safely course.

Course Suitability

This training programme is designed for any individual who has organisational responsibilities for managing health and safety risks, resources and workplace practices.

If you are a business owner, leader, manager or employee with responsibility for health and safety then this course will help you develop industry accredited skills and knowledge.

Enroll on our IOSH Managing Safely course

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What is an IOSH Managing Safely Course?

An IOSH Managing Safely Course is a 3-day long training programme that is a must-do for all people in management or supervisory roles. This course helps managers/supervisors better understand their health and safety responsibilities within the workplace.

Why should I choose a ‘classroom’ course?

Our ‘classroom’ courses are structured and planned out in advance, so all you have to do prior to the training is book and be there! This type of training is perfect for you if you need to send a small group of people from your workforce away to train, for larger groups/workforces, we recommend either a bespoke training course or ‘in-house’ training.

Why should I choose a Pro Safety Management classroom training programme?

Our training programmes are better than others, because instead of severing contact with you after the training is complete within the classroom; our health and safety experts are on hand for any advice and help implementing your newfound knowledge for up to a fortnight after the end of the classroom teaching.