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The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the main body for health and safety workers in Europe. Almost 179,000 people from a range of industries attend an IOSH training course every year, so take yours with us!

IOSH is a globally respected chartered body that champions the highest workplace standards of health and safety.

You can be assured that our experts don’t just teach. We offer examples, case studies and lots of first-hand practical examples to help you understand the principles behind the legislation.

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Our IOSH Training courses are aimed at a range of different people within a company’s workforce. For example, we have a course tailored to employees, and Managers/Supervising staff:

Our IOSH Working Safely course is suitable for any worker, in any industry. Nationally recognised and respected, it is aimed at people at all levels and it meets the government’s guidelines for introductory health and safety training.

Our IOSH Managing Safely programme is designed for any individual who has organisational responsibilities for managing health and safety risks, resources and workplace practices. If you are a business owner, leader, manager or employee with responsibility for health and safety then this course will help you develop industry accredited skills and knowledge.

While you embark on your health and safety learning journey, you will encounter a variety of different health and safety procedures. These will be taught through a range of learning resources, including: written assessments, videos, e-books, quizzes and more.

Each course that we offer can be completed in a ‘classroom’ or ‘in-house’.

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