Our First Aid Training Courses

In the UK, it is a legal requirement to have designated first aiders in the workplace. Here at Pro Safety Management, we believe that there should not only be designated first aiders, but a complete workforce that are briefed and prepared to take on any accidents that may occur. Having trained first aiders onsite ensures that if an accident does occur, it will be handled in a swift and effective manner.

On one of our First Aid Training courses, you can expect to gain certain knowledge and skills that deal with a range of medical scenarios. Many businesses have chosen to train their workforce in first aid for the same reason as we do, in order to bring a higher level of safety to the workplace.

Our First Aid at Work Training Courses…

At Pro Safety Management, we offer a selection of accredited First Aid courses to cater for a range of different training needs. Each course provides the attendee with a comprehensive overview of a variety of emergency techniques and instructions on how to deal with a range of accidents, events and circumstances.

As many people find through first aid training, the right response to first aid situation can help to save a life. Attending a first aid course is not only beneficial for the employer and the workplace safety as a whole, but it can also provide the attendee with valuable skills that can be transferred across a range of different scenarios throughout life.

For further information on the first aid courses we offer, click on the links below.

3 Day First Aid at Work

This course is for people that will act as their workplace’s first aider, or anyone wanting a comprehensive and effective introduction to first aid.

Learn emergency techniques and how to deal with a range of accidents and circumstances.

1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work

This course is perfect for those people who are going to act as workplace emergency first aider, or anyone wanting a basic introduction to first aid.

Also suitable for people that work alone or in small teams.

2 Day First Aid Refresher

This course is suited to people who want to renew a valid First Aid at Work Qualification.

The course must be completed within 28 days of expiry of the First Aid certificate, otherwise the full course must be taken again.

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