Health and Safety training is more than just box ticking

Empowering you to achieve your potential through technical and safety management skills. Real world training for real world results.

Our experts use a range of different training techniques in order to help you remain engaged and involved on your training journey. Our courses offer a variety of online and downloadable resources that can be used before, during and after the course, as an added bonus to the more orthodox teachings methods our experts employ.

At Pro Safety Management, we believe that health and safety training isn’t just a ‘have to’, but a ‘must do’. Health and safety training done well, can be a way to improve your business by enabling you, and the workforce, to get more from your roles.

3 Benefits of Pro Safety Management Training Courses:


We pride ourselves on our engaging experience, connecting you with one of our expert training instructors on a one-to-one basis before the course begins.


For up to thirty days after the completion of the course, your expert health and safety training instructor will be available to offer advice and help you to implement your newly gained training expertise.

You will gain access to our exclusive Facebook group, so you can network with other trainees and alumni before and after the course. Helping you make valuable connections and offering the opportunity for peer support.

Whether you are looking for one of our accredited IOSH Health and Safety training courses, expert consultancy, or bespoke training, then Pro Safety Management are your ‘go-to’ experts.

Here at Pro Safety Management, we have a range of different courses that are tailored to fit around you and your workforce’s requirements. For example, we offer you and your staff ‘in-house’ health and safety training, that is completed on your premises, or a location of your choosing. We also offer expert ‘classroom’ training at selected locations across the North of England.

One thing that makes Pro Safety Management’s approach to health and safety training different, is our use of resources and ‘e-learning’. We provide a range of different teaching materials for ‘in-house’, ‘classroom’, or ‘bespoke’ training that will be made accessible exclusively for our clients. These resources include: our clients-only Facebook group, a range of e-books, blogs, and quizzes.

So now you can find the right course for YOU, and your workforce, and you can decide exactly how you want the learning to be delivered: Perfect!

Accredited Health and Safety Training Courses

Accredited Health & Safety Training

Our health and safety training experts have 15+ years of diverse, and real-world experience, allowing us to help you put theory into practice. You can rest assured knowing that our experts don’t just teach, we offer examples, case studies and first-hand practical examples; ensuring you understand the principals behind the legislation.

IOSH Working Safely Course

Learn how to work safely within the workplace.

IOSH Managing Safely Course

Learn how to manage your team safely in the workplace.

Our Bespoke Health & Safety Training

We can craft bespoke health and safety courses to meet the specific needs of your company and your customer.

Our aim is to work closely alongside your staff in order to discover the best ways to implement health and safety into your business as it currently runs. Through our custom-built training courses, we can support continuous improvement within your company, workforce and management systems. Our bespoke solutions are comparable to any accredited courses we offer, just tailored to focus on your business needs.

  • Health and Safety leadership training

  • Director level briefings

  • Health and Safety awareness training

  • Line management health and safety training

  • Health and Safety training for managers and supervisors

  • Supervisor health and safety awareness training

  • Health and safety manual handling

  • HSE Stress Management training

  • Bespoke health and safety group training

  • Fire marshal training

  • Asbestos awareness training

Our list of Bespoke Courses

Our bespoke course enables you to become a leader in Health & Safety in your workplace.