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Health and Safety Professionals Under 40: Career Fears and Frustrations

Do you have a Health and safety career path? 

Have you ever wondered how those big cats on LinkedIn got those Heads of Safety or Director level jobs? 

I was just like you.  

Constantly Googling Head of Health and Safety jobs and thinking I had the drive and ambition to get there.     

And then feeling frustrated when the job specification says you need line management and proven leadership experience.  

But wait there’s more.  

You also need to be able to rub shoulders with board level executives using your proven coaching and influencing skills. And that also means you need to apply those coaching skills at middle management and then site level.   

The reality is we both know that it’s very hard to get this experience, because at the end of the day H&S jobs are about providing technical support rather than managing production or large operational teams.  

And this certainly applies to your first few H&S roles. 

This is where I can help you.  

In 2022 I will be developing several free webinars to help early career H&S advisors and H&S officers move towards that next level.  

What I need from you is a better understand of your fears and frustrations.  

If you could think about answering these questions in the comments sections it would help me develop a better coaching programme to help you solve your greatest challenges:  

The Questions

Comment below and we will send you a Free H&S Management Checklist to get you started!

Comment (1)

  1. Marc Stonehouse
    June 29, 2022

    Biggest frustration is the filter that is put on safety info and discussion around safety, too much emphasis on numbers and not enough on culture and leadership

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