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Health and Safety Professionals: 3 Strategies to Influence and Gain Credibility

Have you ever wondered how those big cats on LinkedIn got those Heads of Safety or Director level jobs?  

I was just like you.   

Constantly Googling Head of Health and Safety jobs and thinking I had the drive and ambition to get there.      

And then feeling frustrated when the job specification says you need line management and proven leadership experience.   

But wait there’s more.   

You also need to be able to rub shoulders with board level executives using your proven coaching and influencing skills.  

The reality is we both know that it’s very hard to get this experience, because at the end of the day H&S jobs are about providing technical support rather than managing production or large operational teams.   

And this certainly applies to your first few H&S roles.  

This is where I can help you.  

In this 60 minutes session, I will be sharing: 

Webinar Speaker

Alex Burbidge
Alex Burbidge has a varied career in senior health and safety roles, including work at Shell UK, Costain Construction, Serco Defence and Aerospace, Vodafone and over five years as Head of Health and Safety at O2.  

His approach to H&S leadership links sales, marketing and operations into a modern system, giving H&S practitioners more credibility and influence.

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