A Health and Safety Consultant that cares about people

Your workplace culture is the most important part of your Health and Safety strategy.

You need a Health and Safety Consultant that understands your business.

Health and Safety can feel like a chore, or a chain holding your business back from achieving it's potential. You want to be able to perform your work without worrying about endless paperwork and strict guidelines.

The typical scenario is that a company gets a Health and Safety Consultant in, and they give them a list of rules and problems to solve. By the end of it, the business can't perform to the standard and efficiency they once did. Once again, Health and Safety hurts your business.

However, it doesn't need to be like this. You can have a Health and Safety Consultant who works with you and makes sure to understand your needs. They will give you practical solutions to your problems, ensuring you can keep your workforce safe without stopping your growth. All you need is a consultant who cares about the people behind the paperwork.

Policy and Procedures are important but without Culture they are useless

We always say, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." But what does that mean?

It means that if your staff don't understand or care about the Health and Safety controls you're putting in place, they won't have any impact. It's why a company can spend thousands on consultancy or training, and not see any improvement. 

This is why we make sure that before any new paperwork is introduced, we talk to you and your staff to truly understand your needs and what we should do to help.

Risk is everywhere, sometimes you can't avoid it.

You can't step out of your door in the morning without exposing yourself to risks. The same goes for running a business. Some Health and Safety people can make the mistake of telling you to eliminate all risks, but if you want to run a business it's just not possible. "No risk, no reward." For us, what that means is that sometimes we need to come up with a solution that reduces the risks but still allows you to operate to your standard. 

We pride ourselves with working with our clients to come up with solutions, not just telling you what to do. 

We are always happy to provide ongoing support, no matter the time, place, or client. 

When you take up one of our retainer services you also get discounts on training to provide your staff the support you want. 

What makes us different

Our consultants have over 15 years working with global companies. They know how, in the real world, results are what matters. Your safety is also what matters. We don't limit ensuring safety to a strict procedure, but instead provide solutions that work for you.

Our clients aren't just numbers on a chart. We make sure you are part of our tribe, and aim to understand you as people. We work with both Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SME's), and a select number of Corporate businesses.

Our fundamental goal is to protect people. We want to keep people safe and ensure Health and Safety in your business is at its highest standard.

We are teachers by nature. We want make sure that you can manage your Health and safety self-sufficiently, by giving you the skills you need, all the way down to each member of your workforce. Health and Safety isn't something a business can do on its own. It needs everyone to care.

Get a H&S Consultant that helps your business grow.

Without risking yourself, your staff or your clients. 

Get your retainer service today.

By getting an ongoing H&S retainer with us, you get continuing support all year round. You can decide how often you need us, from a face-to-face meeting every month, to once every quarter. You can benefit from having a Health and Safety consultant who cares about the people and can help your business grow without risking your safety. Contact us to create your personalized H&S retainer.

Retainer service vs one off consultancy


  • Up to 12 onsite days support
  • Ongoing advice throughout the year
  • Discounts off training courses
  • Full meeting reports and action tracking
  • Help building a Health and Safety System that helps your business grow

One Off Project

  • Solve a specific short-term problem
  • Respond to enforcing authorities with confidence
  • Audit a function or business and build an action plan
  • Act as a temporary Health and Safety Manager

What People Are Saying About Our Retainer Service

"We employed PSM to get our H&S up to date and to assist us with our CHAS Premium Plus application. Their past experience in an industrial & commercial environment meant they could advise us on current H&S requirements for the Office, factory and for external engineers. They helped us acheive creditation very quickly and we would highly recommend their services"

Kevin Griffiths

"Alex and his team gave us greatly needed health and safety advice and assistance, delivered well, every area covered and also provided us with a detailed, but easy to use system which covers every possible scenario and more! Thanks Alex"

Halyley Lisboa

"Alex provides my company with first class Health & Safety advice based on his wealth of experience across several sectors. If you are looking for a realistic approach to H&S I highly recommend you speak with Alex"

Neil Partington
Alex Burbidge

Lead Consultant

About the Author

Alex is the lead consultant at Pro Safety Management. Alex was Group Head of Health and Safety at Telefonica O2 and has held a variety of senior management positions. The challenges Alex has encountered when delivering health and safety management solutions, became the birthplace of the idea for Pro Safety Management.

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