Health and Safety Manuals

In the UK, all organisations with 5 or more workers must have legal written arrangements in place for the planning, organisations, control, monitoring and review of their health and safety measures.

As part of this, firms must have documents in place to ensure that their employees are informed and up-to-date concerning the relevant safety information.

At Pro Safety Management, we can help provide you with tailored Health and Safety Manuals that include the following:

  • Your Health & Safety Policy and any associated employee receipt records.
  • Risk assessment documents, including basic risk assessment forms, detailed forms with scoring systems, site specific risk assessment forms and more.
  • Fire risk assessment documentation and records.
  • Display screen equipment risk assessment documentation and records.
  • Manual handling risk assessment documentation and records.
  • COSHH risk assessment documentation and records.
  • Machinery and work equipment registers, check sheets and, maintenance logs (for example, for ladders, vehicles, safety harnesses, electrical equipment and forklift trucks).
  • Training documentation (for example, employee information sheets, training sign off sheets, training matrices and induction records).
  • Personal protective equipment issue and receipt documentation.
  • Fire safety documentation (for example, alarm test logs, fire drill records and emergency lighting test logs).
  • Sub-contractor assessment documentation.

Note that health and safety manuals can also be covered under our annual support contracts.

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