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We work hard to understand your business’s needs and goals, then identify the best way to address them. At Pro Safety Management, we offer a large range of health and safety consultancy services, including: risk assessments, audits, manuals, and policies and support contracts.

Our health and safety expert consultants have worked with global companies for over 15+ years, so they understand you want real world results.

We’re trusted by world class brands from all over the world to help with their health & safety compliance

Health and Safety Policy Creation and Renewal

If any business in the UK employs five or more members of staff, health and safety policies are a legal requirement.

  • The health and safety policy of a company should consist of three main divisions:
  • The Statement of Intent (company goals, objectives and targets for health and safety).
  • Organisational Responsibilities (the duties of management and employees).
  • Arrangements for Implementation (what measures the company will take to achieve their aims). This is business specific and should include the existing health and safety issues onsite.

As stated by The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974), a company’s health and safety policies must be frequently reviewed and assessed, and all employees must be fully informed of any changes that have been made at any time.

Let us create your new policy. Our health and safety policy statement is delivered to you with easy-to-read, concise documents that cut through the waffle.

We can help you devise a new health and safety policy for your company or renew an existing one.

With our professional and rigorous experts, we can identify the specific health and safety procedures your company requires to adhere to each section of the policy.

Health and Safety Inspections

Health and safety inspections are a necessary part of any organisation. Performing thorough and essential checks on a regular basis allows you to identify and control potential hazards and ensure employees and other individuals are not put at risk.

We produce full reports that detail:

  • The observations made and the hazards that have been identified.
  • Their level of risk (High, Medium or Low).
  • Any recommendations necessary to ensure ongoing legal compliance.

Construction sites can be hazardous environments, so to mitigate risk, safety inspections can be combined with ‘toolbox talks’. These talks provide additional evidence that an employer is fulfilling all legal obligations to give employees and subcontractors information and training to protect their wellbeing.

Inspection reports can be submitted electronically or can be handwritten and issued on site.

At Pro Safety Management, we will carry out a full health and safety inspection of the physical area of your premises, as well as your on-site documentation.

Our inspection service can also be covered as part of one of our annual support contracts.

Health and Safety Audits

At Pro Safety Management, our audits are tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. For smaller organisations, they can be as simple as an inspection of the premises and a review of current health and safety documentation. This is followed by a report detailing all observations and recommendations.

Larger firms may be keen to have external audits of their management systems. Our health and safety audits are conducted according to the requirements of UK laws and the principles contained within the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on management systems (HS(G)65).

Our health and safety audits can be designed for your desktop only. Or they can include site visits to verify that policy and practice are in alignment.

After these assessments have been completed, we produce a prioritised action plan offering guidance in how to make any required improvements. We are also happy to assist with any recommendations if required. However, this is entirely up to the client.

If you want more information regarding the services we provide, or you would like to set up a free initial consultation with one of our experts, contact us.

Our audits can also be covered as part of one of our annual support contracts.

Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Under UK law, all organisations with 5 or more staff are required to carry out written health and safety risk assessments covering all significant hazards.

All of our experts specialise in all areas concerning risk assessments and we offer a range of services. If you are looking for assistance on how to conduct your risk assessment, you have two main options:

  1. We can carry out your risk assessments on your behalf, completely eliminating any hassle. We will also remove liability (note that many of our competitors will not do this).
  2. We can support you through the process by providing the appropriate forms and by training the employees who will be carrying out the analyses. We will also comment on completed assessments.

In addition to this, we can assist construction and contracting companies with generic risk assessments and method statements that can be modified to suit specific jobs, as well as site specific risk assessments and procedures.

If you are in need of risk assessments, you might also require a health and safety policy and a health and safety manual. Bear in mind that our annual support contracts can cover these services.

For an informal chat or to arrange a free initial consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fire Risk Assessments

All non-domestic premises are required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005) to carry out fire risk assessments. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in severe penalties.

In order to effectively perform a fire risk assessment, you must follow the five steps outlined below. You must:

  1. Identify fire hazards.
  2. Identify who is at risk.
  3. Evaluate the risk and decide whether existing precautions are adequate.
  4. Record the findings.
  5. Review as and when necessary.

Pro Safety Management provide professional and quick consultancy services. We ensure that all fire risk assessments are conducted by specialist fire risk assessors with a high level of knowledge and competency. All final reports produced are highly professional and fully compliant with legislation.

If you need a fire risk assessment in Leeds, York or Manchester, Pro Safety Management can help. Our professional health and safety experts can carry out fire safety risk assessments on your behalf or can assist you by providing assessment forms, examples or additional support.

We also provide an in-house Fire Risk Assessment training course.

For an informal chat or to arrange a free initial consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

COSHH Risk Assessments

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, organisations in the UK are required to conduct specific risk assessments for activities that involve the use of hazardous substances.

These hazardous substances can include:

  • Any chemical that has an orange warning label (toxic and harmful).
  • Biological agents, such as Legionella and HIV
  • Plants, flowers and vegetables (they can cause dermatitis)
  • Fumes or dust

When completing a COSHH Risk Assessment, you must consider:

  • Any hazards that are presented by the substance
  • The safety data sheet that is provided by the supplier or manufacturer
  • The likely route of exposure (for example, might the substance be inhaled, swallowed, injected)
  • The duration of exposure
  • The severity of any likely ill-effects on health, and any required first aid interventions
  • The methods used to dispose of the substance