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Free 21 Day Health and Safety Checklist

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I want to help every single health and safety professional become confident, credible, and influential. Over my career I have had some great mentors that have helped me understand the issues that I have had and how to resolve them. I want to pass that knowledge onto you.

You might be a health and safety professional who is really struggling. You may have no direction and coming into work everyday thinking “am I actually making an impact?”. Let me tell you straight away that is not your fault!

Many of the qualifications that us health and safety professionals obtain such as an IOSH and NEBOSH certificate or even a degree about health and safety, at the end of those technical qualifications you don’t get given a checklist when you start a job or role telling you what exactly you need to do.

I’ve created a checklist so that you don’t have to do the thinking about what you need to do next. Imagine you’re a ship going through a large area of water where it’s constantly getting battered by the sea and you’re always off course. You’re always fighting against the elements and you become reactive, however with this checklist we can save you time, give you that focus, confidence and structure so that ship can move back on course.

Plan - Do - Check - Act

Now you might be wondering what is actually in this checklist. I’ve based it on Plan, Do, Check, Act and hopefully you know a bit about this already. If you are new to a job or role and don’t fully understand the business then you are going to struggle in delivering a checklist. That’s why I’ve added a secret ingredient to this checklist which includes a knowledge section that helps you around fundamentally understanding the company and their goals.

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You can download the checklist completely free by clicking the button below. You’ll get access to exclusive content with videos that backup each section of the checklist and in the coming weeks I will be releasing a webinar where you can ask lots of surging questions around any points you might have.



Become Influential With This 21 Day Checklist

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