Diversity and Equality Policy


This policy forms part of a suite of Pro Safety Management policies, all of which are designed to:

  • protect learners who are registered with us
  • minimise the risk of an adverse effect occurring
  • help support all parties in risk management and risk minimisation
  • help ensure Pro Safety Management comply with all relevant legislation and guidance
  • help improve and refine our products and services.

This policy supports compliance with Pro Safety Management Terms and Conditions of Licence and the Supplementary Conditions of Licence. It does not replace any of the requirements contained within that document. Non-adherence to our training policies may constitute maladministration, malpractice and/or a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

This policy should be read in conjunction with:

  • the Terms and Conditions of Licence and Supplementary Conditions of Licence (where applicable)
  • the Pro Safety Management Maladministration and malpractice policy
  • the Pro Safety Management Sanctions policy
  • the Pro Safety Management Appeals policy
  • the Pro Safety Management Complaints policy.

This policy is aimed at our customers, including learners, who are using Pro Safety Management products and services, and applies the principles of diversity and equality, including safeguarding of vulnerable adults.

The purpose of this policy is to set out our commitment to ensuring Pro Safety Management adhere to legislation and regulation requirements and fully support the principle of equal opportunities by creating and maintaining a working environment and culture that is representative of all sectors of society, where intimidation, discrimination, bullying and harassment are not tolerated and there is equality and respect for all. Pro Safety Management will ensure that individuals are not discriminated against in any form, victimised or suffer harassment on the grounds of ability, age, culture, disability, domestic circumstances, employment status, gender, marital/ civil partnership status, nationality, political orientation, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, social background or any other grounds or status. This includes safeguarding, which means protecting people’s health, wellbeing and human rights and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect.

Pro Safety Management must ensure learners and their own staff (including satellite, sub-contract centres and contractual staff) who are involved in the design, delivery, management, assessment and quality assurance of Pro Safety Management products are aware of, and familiar with, the contents of the policy.

Pro Safety Management must investigate allegations of abuse as soon as they become aware of them.

Our aims

Pro Safety Management aim to ensure that diversity and equality are promoted in the development of our products and in access to Pro Safety Management products and services, and that unlawful or unfair discrimination, whether direct or indirect, is eliminated.

Pro Safety Management will ensure that:

  • this policy is made freely available to external contractors and customers, including learners
  • the widest possible diversity of learners can access the content and assessment of Pro Safety Management products and services
  • the entry requirements, content and assessment demands of Pro Safety Management products and services are appropriate to the knowledge, understanding and skills specified and do not act as unnecessary barriers to achievement.

Pro Safety Management will ensure that:

  • all products and series will ensure fair assessment for all learners
  • the language used in materials is clear, free from bias and appropriate to the target group
  • they produce and endorse material that does not cause offence
  • all products are reviewed against this policy
  • they will always act fairly when working with centres and learners they will always support and demonstrate the principles of diversity and equality.

Reviewing the policy

This policy will be reviewed regularly and may be revised in response to the findings of any review. Pro Safety Management will also review the policy in the event of: an incident and the ‘lessons learned’ require us to review, in line with our risk management practices, a change in legislation or statutory guidance; changes in Pro Safety Management’s practices; actions or guidance from our regulatory or external agencies; and/or in a response to customer and stakeholder feedback.

Complaints and appeals

Customers and learners have the right to express their dissatisfaction regarding Pro Safety Management actions, products or services. The ProSafety Management Complaints policy outlines when Pro Safety Management will and will not accept a complaint, and when Pro Safety Management’s decisions are final.

See the Complaints policy for more information.