Complaints Policy


This policy forms part of a suite of Pro Safety Management policies, all of which are designed to:

  • protect learners who are registered with us
  • minimise the risk of an adverse effect occurring
  • help support all parties in risk management and risk minimisation
  • help ensure Pro Safety Management comply with all relevant legislation and guidance
  • help improve and refine our products and services.

This policy supports compliance with Pro Safety Management’s Terms and Conditions of License and the Pro Safety Management’s Supplementary Conditions of License. Non-adherence to our training policies may constitute maladministration, malpractice and/or a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

This policy should be read in conjunction with:

  • the Terms and Conditions of Licence and Supplementary Conditions of Licence (where applicable)
  • the Pro Safety Management Maladministration and malpractice policy
  • the Pro Safety Management Appeals policy
  • the Pro Safety Management Sanctions policy.

This policy is for those of our customers who may wish to express dissatisfaction regarding our actions, products, services and/or the application of our policies. Our ‘products’ include IOSH qualifications which are subject to scrutiny and enforcement by our qualifications regulators and unregulated products which are owned and/or offered by Pro Safety Management.

The purpose of this policy is to set out the steps learners need to follow when submitting a complaint to Pro Safety Management and, should the complaint be accepted, the steps Pro Safety Management will follow to investigate the complaint and come to a decision. Complaints from customers and/or learners of Pro Safety Management should be dealt with internally before escalation.

Pro Safety Management will ensure learners and their own staff (including, satellite, sub-contract centres or contractual staff) who are involved in the design, delivery, management, assessment and quality assurance of IOSH products are aware of, and familiar with, the contents of the policy.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with Pro Safety Management service, the application of our policies and/or procedures and, on occasion, the outcome or decision we’ve made. When considering complaints, we examine whether they relate to the following on our part (our complaints criteria):

  • mistakes or poor service
  • unreasonable delay or failure to act
  • unprofessional behaviour or conduct of our staff
  • bias or unfair treatment.

Making a complaint

Pro Safety Management understands that some people may feel more comfortable making anonymous complaints. Pro Safety Management will note these complaints and, depending on the nature of the complaint, may refer to them in support of our ongoing risk analysis and review.

Outlining the complaint

The following information will help us in understanding the reason for dissatisfaction:

  • the full nature of the complaint (what happened)
  • the date(s) the issue came to your attention (when it happened)
  • the nature of the service affected and/or the Pro Safety Management course affected
  • the content and outcome of any investigation carried out by Pro Safety Management relating to the issue.

To make sure Pro Safety Management fully addresses the points/issues and so that we have a clear record of views on what happened, it is helpful if Pro Safety Management receive your complaint in writing, in either a letter or an email.

Where Pro Safety Management consider a complaint to be unspecific, excessively long and/or complex, Pro Safety Management may require the customer or learner to provide a written summary of the key aspects of the complaint, to ensure understanding of the points covered.

If at any point Pro Safety Management staff or learners wish to be represented legally in relation to any aspect of a

complaint, this must be discussed with Pro Safety Management, who reserves the right to be represented legally and to act upon legal advice.

Does Pro Safety Management have to accept complaints?

Pro Safety Management will always listen, to see if mistakes can be rectified.

If Pro Safety Management does not agree with the complaint, or Pro Safety Management believes that dissatisfaction does not constitute a complaint as outlined above, Pro Safety Management will let you know the reason(s) why.

Frivolous, meritless or vexatious complaints

Every complaint will be treated fairly. Pro Safety Management will not engage with frivolous, meritless or vexatious complaints and will not accept persistent and repeated contacts from individuals, without being presented with new information or evidence. If the complainant becomes abusive when corresponding with Pro Safety Management, or persistently and repeatedly contacts Pro Safety Management without pertinent new evidence or information, Pro Safety Management will class this as vexatious correspondence.

Such interactions reduce the amount of time that can be dedicated to supporting Pro Safety Management customers.

In such cases Pro Safety Management will advise the complainant of their decision and actions, such as no longer corresponding on the matter and/or taking any required action to protect Pro Safety Management staff and/or reputation.

How Pro Safety Management deal with complaints

Pro Safety Management aims to resolve all accepted complaints as quickly as possible. Where this is not possible, a staged approach to complaint escalation and resolution will be followed.

  • The Pro Safety Management Business Services Directorate should receive the complaint within 12 weeks of the incident happening.
  • The Pro Safety Management Quality Assurance team will investigate the complaint and consult with relevant team members and external contractors where necessary.
  • Pro Safety Management will respond to the complainant within 10 working days.
  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the response, the complaint can be escalated to the Pro Safety Management team who will determine whether procedures have been applied fairly, appropriately, consistently and in line with Pro Safety Management policies.
  • This stage in the complaints process is final and will complete Pro Safety Management ’s internal complaints procedures.
  • No further complaint on the same matter will be accepted.

Exceptions to stated timescales

The timescales relating to each stage of the complaints process are outlined above. Please note that in some cases, particularly where the complaint may be complex, the complaint may take longer than the stated working days to investigate and/or resolve. In such instances, Pro Safety Management will advise the complainant of the reasons why and of the revised timescale.

Outcome of a complaint

If Pro Safety Management upholds the complaint, we will tell the complainant what remedy is proposed. The remedy chosen will be proportionate and appropriate to the issue being complained about and may include:

  • an apology; and/or
  • an explanation of any poor service you have received; and/or
  • an explanation of how a matter has been or may be rectified; and/or
  • recommendations to change or improve processes or procedures.

Reviewing the policy

This policy will be reviewed regularly and may be revised in response to the findings of any review. Pro Safety Management will also review the policy in the event of: an incident and the ‘lessons learned’ require us to review, in line with our risk management practices, a change in legislation or statutory guidance; changes in Pro Safety Management’s practices; actions or guidance from our regulatory or external agencies; and/or in response to customer and stakeholder feedback.