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A World Of Opportunities

At Pro Safety Management you’ll join an ambitious, close-knit team committed to making a difference to the most exciting projects and programmes happening around the world.

If you bring your talent, enthusiasm and determination, we’ll help you realise your true potential, providing the opportunity to work with the best people in the industry and gain exposure to new clients, sectors and locations.

making the difference

Our People & Culture

Raising the bar for the industry and working on projects and programmes that contribute to the success of businesses, communities and economies is what drives our highly-skilled team.

Our Culture

Our style of working defines our behaviours and actions. It’s what we look for in every person and team, everywhere. Our style is:

Driven and Productive

We are driven and productive. We meet the commitments we make to our people, so they feel inspired to give their all and are supported to deliver the vision we’ve set.

Collaborative and Connected

We are collaborative and connected. Our people connect our diverse skills with other organisations to drive value for our clients and ourselves. Building good working relationships is a given in our sector but true collaboration goes much further. We stay focused on great outcomes, no matter how tough it gets.

Intelligent and Challenging

We are intelligent and challenging. Our people don’t accept the status quo as the best we can do. We encourage everyone – whatever their role – to contribute new ideas, constantly finding ways to improve performance and maximise value.

Great Place To Work

Our inspired people share our vision and mission. We provide a great place to work, where each person has the opportunity and voice to affect change.

Work Life Balance

We want our people to succeed both in work and life. To support this we promote a healthy, productive and flexible working environment that respects work-life balance. We believe that everyone should pursue their passions and provide a real opportunity for this; whether you join one of our sports teams, social networks or bring a new interest to your colleagues.

Find Your Place

Career Development

We support clients wherever they are in the world, which means we focus on getting talented people on the ground and making our knowledge mobile. That means if you want to experience new cultures, locations and clients, we can help you get to where you want to be.

our benefits

Benefits of working with us

Competitive salary with opportunity for bonus

We see people as the most important aspect of any business therefore we don't expect staff to work hard for a lower salary. We appreciate and value their worth.

Private healthcare package

We support our employee’s health and wellbeing by providing private medical cover. This gives quick access to health services as and when need it most helping them to get back on their feet and feeling their usual selves.

28 days holiday (plus 9 Bank Holidays)

Our employees have opportunity to take paid time off from work for the purpose of having regular breaks so that they can rest and re-energise. We want the best for our employees so they can be more motivated about their work and perform more effectively.

Reduced working hours (without loss of pay)

As a result of our 4 and a half day working week, our employees have a longer time to recuperate before returning to work and have more time to spend with families and friends

Personal development plan to continue your growth

We make our employees feel like they’re growing with the company providing them a sense of purpose. That means if you want to experience new cultures, locations and clients, we can help you get to where you want to be.

Freedom to express your ideas and opinions, we want to see your skills shine

Being opinionated helps you build authority and share your perspective with others. We encourage voicing and expressing your opinion so that you can define your own identity.

You will be welcomed into a close-knit passionate and ambitious team

You’ll join an ambitious, close-knit team committed to making a difference to the most exciting projects and programmes happening around the world

You have the right to disconnect

This right fundamentally means that our employees are able to switch off outside of normal working hours and enjoy their free time away from work without being disturbed, unless there is an emergency or agreement to do so

recruitment & talent

Current Vacancies

CDM / Telecoms Consultant

You have extensive knowledge of CDM regulations particularly around the rollout of mobile telecommunications infrastructure and are looking for a new challenge.

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Open Opportunities

We are always keen to hear from candidates who are interested in joining our striving team. Email us with a cv and a covering letter and we’ll get back to you!

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Construction Design Management

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