Appeals Policy


This policy forms part of a suite of Pro Safety Management policies, all of which are designed to:

  • protect learners who are registered with us
  • minimise the risk of an adverse effect occurring
  • help support all parties in risk management and risk minimisation
  • help ensure Pro Safety Management comply with all relevant legislation and guidance
  • help improve and refine our products and services.

This policy supports compliance with Pro Safety Management Terms and Conditions of Licence and the IOSH Supplementary Conditions of Licence. Non-adherence to our training policies may constitute maladministration, malpractice and/or a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

This policy should be read in conjunction with:

  1. the Terms and Conditions of Licence and Supplementary Conditions of Licence (where applicable)
  2. the Pro Safety Management Maladministration and malpractice policy
  3. the Pro Safety Management Sanctions policy
  4. the Pro Safety Management Complaints policy.

IOSH is a professional body that licenses Training Providers globally.

The appeals process allows you to outline your views or grievances in relation to:

  • the results of an assessment marked/moderated by Pro Safety Management
  • maladministration or malpractice investigations
  • sanctions imposed by Pro Safety Management.

The findings from the appeals process will enable an objective, factually-based judgement to be reached.

Any other area which has resulted in your dissatisfaction may be addressed via the Pro Safety Management Complaints policy.

Pro Safety Management must ensure learners and their own staff (including, satellite, sub-contract centres or contractual staff) who are involved in the design, delivery, management, assessment and quality assurance of Pro Safety Management products are aware of, and familiar with, the contents of the policy.

Appeal against Pro Safety Management assessment decisions

Requesting an appeal

Who can request an appeal?

  • The person directly informed of, or directly affected by, Pro Safety Management’s decision or action.
  • A legal representative acting on behalf of and with the explicit written permission of that person.

An appeal may be lodged on behalf of a learner or a group of learners, with the explicit written permission of that learner or group of learners.

How to submit an appeal to Pro Safety Management

You should submit a report as to why you believe that an appeal should be considered, together with any supporting evidence. Please note that appeal applications without supporting evidence may not be accepted.

The report should include the following:

  • the Training Provider name, address and Training Provider reference number
  • the learner’s name (learners’ names) and date(s) of birth
  • the date of the assessment
  • the date(s) the Training Provider or the learner received notification of ProSafetyManagement’s assessment decision
  • the nature of the service affected and/or the Pro Safety Management course affected
  • the full nature of the appeal which must set out clearly why the Learner thinks Pro Safety Management did not apply or follow the procedures consistently or fairly
  • the content and outcome of any investigation carried out by Pro Safety Management or the learner(s) relating to the issue
  • the date of the report, the author position and signature.

Please email or post the completed report and any supporting evidence to Pro Safety Management as soon as possible. The latest time Pro Safety Management will accept an appeal is 30 working days from the date you informed Pro Safety Management about the original decision.

Pro Safety Management’s processes and timescales regarding appeals

The decision whether to accept the application for an appeal is based on:

  • whether the appeal as submitted is properly constituted
  • as outlined above
  • receipt of the application within the 30-day timescale.

If Pro Safety Management agrees the appeal should be heard, Pro Safety Management will arrange for the Qualification Quality Assurance Manager to review the case and to either uphold or reject the appeal. A rejected appeal decision can be escalated to the Managing Director. The Director’s decision is final and will complete Pro Safety Management’s internal appeals procedure.

Timescales following the acceptance of an appeal request Pro Safety Management aims to action and resolve an appeal within 20 working days. Please note that in some cases, particularly where the case may be complex, the appeal may take longer than 20 working days. In such instances, Pro Safety Management will advise the learner of the reasons why and the revised timescale.

Pro Safety Management will:

  • retain records and documentation during and after the completion of the investigation.
  • disclose to our Awarding Organisation (IOSH) any matter that may require Mandatory Disclosure.
  • access confidential information where necessary.

Reviewing the policy

This policy will be reviewed regularly and may be revised in response to the findings of any review. Pro Safety Management will also review the policy in the event of: an incident and the ‘lessons learned’ require us to review, in line with our risk management practices, a change in legislation or statutory guidance; changes in Pro Safety Management’s practices; actions or guidance from our regulatory or external agencies; and/or in response to customer and stakeholder feedback.

Complaints and appeals

The learner have the right to express their dissatisfaction regarding Pro Safety Management actions, products or services. The Pro Safety Management Complaints policy outlines when Pro Safety Management will and will not accept a complaint, and when Pro Safety Management’s decisions are final.

See the Pro Safety Management Complaints policy for more information.