About Pro Safety Management

Pro Safety Management is a York-based health and safety training company. We offer a wide range of training and consultancy services to businesses all over the UK to help them protect their staff and confidently meet health and safety legislation.

What is Pro Safety Management about?

If you’re tired of complex legal jargon, and health and safety experts whose only function is to stop you working, you’re in the right place.

Pro Safety Management is about empowering you to work safely and effectively. We focus on building trust, relationships and skills.

The foundation of any serious business is about approaching risks in the right way. Health and safety does not mean eliminating all risks. Life is full of risks, but it is our job to manage them properly and make conscious choices to minimise our chances of illness or injury.

No more unnecessary paperwork

Health and safety often seems to be just about bureaucracy. That’s the “cover your arse” approach, which is founded in fear of criticism or penalty. But the truth is, a piece of paper never saved a life.


With Pro Safety Management, you get practical skills to ensure your workplace is safe and meets strict legal regulations, without bogging you down in paperwork.

Taking risks = results

Providing health and safety services shouldn’t be primarily about money. It’s about caring for people and helping businesses grow. We aim to find the balance between the risk of failure and the risk of success.  When you understand that risk is part of life, you can take a positive approach to the risks you need to face.


If you want an experienced health and safety consultant who will work with you to protect your team with practical, real world techniques, choose Pro Safety Management.

Our history

Alex Burbidge founded Pro Safety Management 2018 following a varied career in senior health and safety roles, which included work at Shell UK, Costain Construction, Serco Defence and Aerospace, Vodafone and O2. That experience gives Alex the skill to think about improving employee performance, building business success and delivering high standards in health and safety management.

His passion and know-how drive Pro Safety Management and make the company first choice for health and safety training and consultancy in the UK.

Get in touch to discuss working with Alex and Pro Safety Management team in your business.